Müşterilerle nasıl çalışıyoruz.

Architectural Projects

In the projects where the general design of the building is made, the project’s meticulously prepared structure based on the mass – harmony of the building – the harmony of the building – the ratio of the building – the land and the proportions within the building itself will ensure the most perfect production of the building.

Static Projects

Static projects that form the skeleton of buildings are the basis of building processes. The aim is to create safe and reliable structures with properly prepared static projects.

Electric project

Lighting, telephone, data, fire detection, grounding, public address, TV, camera system and automation systems suitable for the purpose of the building are designed and presented in line with customer demands.

Mechanical Project

It is the design of the systems suitable for the purpose of the building, such as ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary installation, fire extinguishing, compressed air, insulation, taking into account the customer demands and country conditions.


Collaboration is instinctive to Nex. Rather than be reserved for specific project stages, collaboration shapes our every action from inquiry to end result. We continue to ask questions, listen and discuss, nurturing an environment that’s open and inclusive.

Partnership is integral to what we do and how we do it. Our clients and collaborators are like-minded and driven by the same values and vision as ourselves. This collaboration strengthens the role of design, turning it into a project-long experience, not just a singular step.


Technology enables us to do exceptional things. It sparks possibility and facilitates realisation. Serving both creativity and efficiency, our use and adoption of design technologies has allowed us to better understand, and therefore better design. More than evolving practice, it is transforming the role of an architect on a fundamental level. And we’re able to occupy these new positions.

As a tool to extract and inform strategic advice during early stages or for its prototyping possibilities during design development, technology allows us to find new ways in, fresh angles and thinking. Technology is also changing how we materialise buildings and elements. We revel in the opportunities that modern methods of construction offer and continually search out better, more effective ways of design and making.